David Sieburg David Sieburg Nationally acclaimed scriptwriter, director, and video editor for global brands and agencies.

This commercial for the the global launch of Google Chromecast was filmed in Vancouver, BC. 

Director • Editor
I loved the opportunity to film this in Vancouver, one of my favorite cities. One of the biggest directing challenges for this piece was capturing ALL of these scenes in the same house. The actors were reacting to blank screens because we added the content in post-production (Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, and Angry Birds).

Director & Editor: Dave Sieburg
Assistant Director: 
Armin Houshmandi
Deva Blaisdell-Anderson & Donald Eldridge
Production Manager:
Katarina Ireland
Production Coordinator:
Danny Plochinger
Director of Photography:
Donavan Sell
2nd DP:
Philip Lima
Motion Graphics Designer:
 Colton Crum
Trent Stewart
Torbin Doege
Best Boy Electric:
Greg Sisson
Genny Op:
Mike Ryniker
Key Grip:
Michael Hrycan
Best Boy Grip:
Marco Correia
Mike Scoffield
Production Designer:
Na Young Kim
Art Director:
Athea Boyes
Rachel Bertrand
Props Master: 
Sam Gomolka
Set Dresser:
Callum Carr
Wardrobe Stylist:
Katie Sugarman
Wardrobe Assist:
Deo Cruz
Hair & Makeup:
Sam Jocelyn
Hair & Makeup Assist:
Stefania Flex
Location Manager:
Deb Beaudreau
Jenna Chalmer
PA - Wardrobe Truck:
Paul Joseph Berger
PA - Runner:
Gabriel Atkinson
Bianca Pink
Talent: Jonathan Chambers, Gavin Beza, Dominic Fugere, Sabih Maqbool, Elise Cheney, Nora Henes, Donia GP, Sarah Karst