David Sieburg David Sieburg Nationally acclaimed scriptwriter, director, and video editor for global brands and agencies.

Filmed during the pandemic, this commercial had an unusual casting challenge...  We couldn't cast random actors to be a family, they had to be an ACTUAL family living together.

Writer • Director • Editor
My goal in the script was to create very real interactions that were relatable to all of us "working from home" as a new way of life. The final section of product shots uses an interesting lighting technique: we increased the lighting on the product while decreasing the aperture on the camera, which reduces the background lighting to make the product pop. Editing was also very natural for this project because of all the various "real moment" scenes we filmed.

Writer, Director & Editor: David Sieburg
Assistant Director: Deva Blaisdell-Anderson
Director of Photography: Philip Lima
Gaffer: Andy Olson
Grip: Rick Larsen
AC: Evan Adler
Art Director: Dan Melton
Audio: Andy Snyder
Hair & Makeup:
 Kala Ketchum
Post Compositing: 
Donald Eldridge
Mathew Um, Natalie Dominguez, Bailey Dominguez, Jrue Dominguez, Elise Adams, Jace Adams,