David Sieburg David Sieburg Nationally acclaimed scriptwriter, director, and video editor for global brands and agencies.

The challenge was to distill a complex story about a "nature soundscape system" into a lighthearted narrative, peppered full of easter eggs, cloned actors and nuanced humor.
The lead actor was duplicated 13 times throughout the video in order to portray multiple roles simultaneously. This effect was achieved by filming with a robotic arm to precisely repeat the camera moves.  The production was a total of five days of filming across more than a dozen scenes. The tight wraparound head shot (1:35) was achieved with a speed ramped robotic arm movement with the camera only inches from the actor’s face.  For the final river shot, the entire crew was wearing large yellow rubber boots, and unfortunately about 1 in 3 books leaked — so it quickly became Russian “boot” roulette.

Writer, Director & Editor: David Sieburg
Assistant Director: Deva Blaisdell-Anderson
Director of Photography: Philip Lima
AC: Donald Eldridge
Art Department: Dan Melton
Art Director: Zoe Kim
Audio: Andy Snyder
Hair & Makeup:
Kala Ketchum
PA/Behind-the-scenes: Preston Danford
Talent: Rowan Brooks