David Sieburg David Sieburg Nationally acclaimed scriptwriter, director, and video editor for global brands and agencies.

This revolutionary e-bike wanted to make a big splash on Kickstarter by going all-in on comedy!

Writer • Director • Editor
The client asked for a style similar to "The Office." I worked closely with their product team to develop this comedic dialogue-driven story that hits all the key features of the bike. Casting was the big win in this project as we narrowed more than two hundred auditions down to this "odd couple" who had the perfect chemistry. The entire production was filmed throughout Santa Cruz on busy city streets for over two days.

Director: David Sieburg
Co-writers: David Sieburg & Owen Zhang
Director of Photography: Philip Lima
Assistant Director: Donald Eldridge
AC: Evan Adler
Audio Tech: Ian Bell
David Sieburg
Audio Post: Andy Snyder
Hair & Makeup:
Kala Ketchum
PA: Max Stovall
Talent: Philip Rossi, Brian Cohen