David Sieburg David Sieburg Nationally acclaimed scriptwriter, director, and video editor for global brands and agencies.

GOLD WINNER for Creative Pool Awards 2023 (Category: Production)

This eco-friendly brand was ready to launch the first-ever 100% recyclable shoe.  Perfect timing for a man who does not wear shoes because he refuses to contribute to the global landfill crisis.

Writer • Director • Editor
The goal of this video was to educate audiences about the environmental impact of the shoe industry without being heavy-handed. ZebraOasis requested the video feel lighthearted while captivating audiences with an unexpected story. The dialogue also needed to highlight the key features of the revolutionary hemp shoe without sounding like a marketing pitch.

The script required an extensive casting process to find the perfect “Breakfast Club” assortment of unique and interesting characters. The back-and-forth dialogue is fast-paced and coordinated with the positioning of each person to create a captivating flow. In post-production, the odd (and almost creepy) soundtrack adds to a cult-like tone that is sure to keep you guessing what happens next!

  • Writer, Director, and Editor: David Sieburg
  • Assistant Director: Deva Blaisdell-Anderson
  • Director of Photography: Philip Lima
  • Post Supervisor: Donald Eldridge
  • 2nd Camera Operator: Even Adler
  • Swing: Max Stovall
  • Audio: Schuyler Van Loon
  • Hair/Makeup: Kala Ketchum
  • Hair/Makeup: Leilani Norman
  • Wardrobe/Art: Stephanie Blenderman
  • G&E/Art: Quinn Vitakis
  • BTS Producer: Teo Morrell
  • Talent: Josh Leeper
  • Talent: Brian Cohen
  • Talent: Amaru Davis
  • Talent: John Eleby
  • Talent: Nina Laevski
  • Talent: JD Charisma
  • Talent: Amy Boyd
  • Talent: Karen Southall
  • Talent: Stephanie Blenderman
  • Talent: Andrea Lea Marzipan